mantrabox brings ancient vedic mantras in pure digital music form - whenever & wherever you need to relax, enjoy & meditate.

Feeling stressed ? Under tension ? Play mantrabox - listen to vedic mantras in pure digital musical form and feel an immediate soothing effect that brings eternal bliss, peace, calm and tranquility in your mind.

These are the same mantras from rig vedas that have helped hindus attain complete peace of mind and nirvana for thousands of years. There's no reason why it can't do the same for you.

Its small, convenient and inexpensive ! Keep mantrabox in your pocket. Play it whenever you need relaxation. Gift it to your friends and relatives.

Gayatri Mantra, Maha Mrityunjay Mantra, Jain Navakar Mantra, Krishna Chanting, Sai Mantra, Ganesh Mantra and Hanuman Chalisha are available now ! We would be soon bringing you more mantras from other religions.

Use these unique product for distribution to your friends and relatives during wedding, religious ceremonies and as a corporate gift for stress relieving device

Mantras & Mantras (estd 1991) is a leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of electronic components particularly speech and VOICE ICs, melody and musical ICs, re-recordable ICs, Voice Musical modules for greeting/wedding cards, toys, educational toys, novelties, meditation and mantra chanting boxes etc. Also custom voice modules, sloka and mantra modules, voice for advertising media etc.

It has assimilated religion and technology into an unique product named as pocket mantrabox.

Since its inception, the company has strived to achieve highest quality standard in every field. The Customer-first focus of the company has helped it to acquire new customers as well as retaining existing ones.

Quality being paramount importance, we use latest technology and best quality components to manufacture these products. Its dedicated employees are a great asset who are skilled in various fields of manufacturing voice modules & pocket mantraboxes

Product Information.

Pocket mantrabox is a little matchbox size electronic / digital circuit box done in a crafter plastic box. Inside the box is a micro chip which stores varying songs (from 40 to 720 sec). Please note that it's neither CD nor audio tape.

The amazing little pocket mantrabox is more than novelty, toy & gift. Simply turn on, its mesmerizing, its portable and relaxaing. Its a complete meditation. Small and convenient - Pocket mantrabox is a hardware loop player consisting of a tiny silicon chip (Ic's) that stores the mantras in pure digital form. An integrated speaker, a micro switch to run through mantras, volume control switch and ear phone jack for private audio enjoyment.

The high quality built-in speaker and user friendly volume control provider unique experience. It comes with 2 x AAA batteries and has a built-in D.C. adapter jack for running under electric power. Switch on the side enables switching song. The song plays over repititive mode until its stopped.

Gayatri & Mahamrithyunjaya Mantra

5-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-G-01

Sai Baba Bhajan

7-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-S-04

Jain Navakar Mantra

2-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-N-03

Krishna Mantra/Bajans

10-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-K-02

Satnam Wahe Guru Kirtans

7-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-W-05

Hanuman Chalisa

product code: TMB-H-01

Krishna Maha Mantra

10-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-K-02

Ganesh Mantra

2-in-1 music box, product code: PMB-V-06

Custom manufacturing for your needs !

Custom-made mantrabox can also be manufuactured and supplied as per your design, color, packaging etc bearing your company name logo.
Music duration can be customized between 40 to 720 seconds. Use these unique product for distribution to your friends and relatives during wedding, religious ceremonies and as a corporate gift for stress relieving device etc. Minimun order quantity for custom manufacturing is 1000 Pieces.

To order custom mantrabox, you need to
  1. Identify your audio and its duration ,
  2. Send us the mp3/wav file of audio, we would revert back to you in 1-2 working days with an esitmate
  3. Once you confirm the order and make payment, You will recieve the sample for your approval in 7-10 days
  4. Once approved by you, the delivery would take 45 working days
Distributors, dealers for product franchisee

We are looking for distributors with good sales network and necessary financial ability may contact us giving details of previous experience, area of operation, extent of planned financial investment etc.